Baldi Hot Springs Fortuna Arenal Costa Rica Hey Everyone! Finally we re-did our Baldi Hot Springs REVIEW. Baldi Hot Springs is located a couple miles outside of La Fortuna Arenal area and is ONE of the 3 more popular hot springs options in La Fortuna. The other two being Tabacon and Eco Termales. Baldi Hot Springs is big, cheap and probably the BIGGEST BANG for your buck if that’s what you’re looking for, but it is also fairly touristy and almost seems like it could be located right next to Disneyland. Baldi has like 25 pools in various sizes and temperatures, swim-up bars, water slides, KIDS, dinner buffets, loud music and definitely draws a younger crowd for the most part… and in the past couple years the vegetation has really matured and it’s looking MUCH nicer and tropical than it once did. Like I mentioned, we did a video before on Baldi, but we shot it from the back of a golf cart and it was quite a long time ago, this is a MUCH better version. So if you’re thinking about checking out the HOT SPRINGS when you’re in La Fortuna viewing the Arenal Volcano, you might want to CHECK OUT this video. Hope it helps, ENjoY!

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