Best way to Explore Costa Rica

we flew into san jose- stayed the first night and explored the city.
its very congested and crowded. So i wouldn’t recommend staying here more than a day, if you want to see the country side.
we ate at a local spot called bulldogs, it was amazing! great food, and cheap, and for super cheap!!

we rented a car for the week we were there- which, if you are not on a tight budget- i would say well worth it!
it cost us 0 for a mini SUV for the entire week. (insurance is what gets you)
But we wanted to stay at a few different cities (hours apart) and the car made it so much more fun. Plus we were able to cruise and see different sights, as well as stop along the way- whenever we felt like it, or saw something cool.
we then ventured on up to La fortuna. Which is an AWESOME little town. took us about 2-3 hours to get there from san jose.
but we took the scenic route. BEAUTIFUL!!
we stopped and saw water features along the drive.

La Fortuna- is where we did our mini zipline tour, and rafting trip.
cost about 0 for both.
the rafting is a must! If you are looking for a little thrill! They classified it as a 3/4 rafting trip. Our guides were amazing, and Daniel (i believe the owner) took amazing pics of us during the trip! cost about for the cd. CASH. So make sure to have some!
I believe it was called Arenal Rafting tours. You can see clips in our video- but the rafting took about 2 1/2 hours.

We also checked out the La Fortuna Waterfall – we drove, because its quite a few mile walk up a steep, rocky hill.
cost about per person. but sooooo worth it!!! The fall is huge! and everybody gets a kick out of seeing how close they can try and swim towards the falls. (current is so strong!)
it is a long hike down the water fall. so wear comfy shoes (i also wore shoes in the water- for sharp rocks)

But La fortuna was a very cute, clean little city. A lot of restaurants, and little tourist gift shops.

We also hiked one of their more “strenuous” hiking trails- and it was challenging! got super muddy- and took about 3 hours. Also very worth it!
total we spent 3 days there.

Next we headed over to Monteverde- where we’d spend the next 2 1/2 days.
the first day we walked through the cloud forest, and the butterfly sanctuary.
then we did the 100% adventure tour that included zip lines and atvs.
This is where the superman, and drop lines are. Super cool!!

Again, the picture cds (since so cheap) were totally worth it.
The ATV tour was epic! because it ended up being only us 3 and our guide. Since we’ve all grown up riding, the guide let us fly!! We were hauling! Plus he took us off trails, and on paths that you wouldn’t typically take with beginners.

We planned on spending our last two days coastal – and were heading to Jaco. On the way we stopped at the gator pass in tarcoles.
Apparently you are not allowed to feed them (didn’t know this until after) But a guy had sold us some raw chicken that we fed them. Which was pretty cool- but maybe don’t suggest it to anyone.
Luckily we didn’t get in trouble.
finally our last days in Jaco were fun! a lot of shopping, and tourist shops, as well as restaurants. They even have more of a night life- with small dance clubs and bars.

we finished our trip driving back to San Jose for our last day to fly out.
be prepared when taking the roads – some are toll roads. (which were super cheap anyways) but make sure to have their currency on you. makes it way easier.

Awesome awesome trip is all i have to say. The country was beautiful, and the people over all were very nice and helpful.
I have some more big trips on my bucket list, but wouldn’t mind going back for sure!

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