Costa Rica: Money Conversion, Weather and San Jose (San Pedro & San Sebastian) 2016

I took a trip to Costa Rica from December 2015 into January 2016. The weather was perfect and the people were very friendly. In this video I will show some footage from San Jose, San Pedro (University of Costa Rica), and San Sebastian.

Also, I found that the banks and casas de cambio give terrible exchange rates in Costa Rica. In addition, the ATMs charge astronomical fees on top of their terrible exchange rates. I found a good way to convert US currency into local Costa Rican Colon is to buy something at a US owned business such as a Subway. At these places they will convert the exchange rate at their point of sale terminals without charging a fee. They will then give you the change in Colon. The drawbacks are that you have to buy something (obviously) and many times they will not take anything larger than a bill.

Overall, Costa Rica is great. This video is only about the San Jose area. I hope to upload some footage of the beaches and mountains shortly.

Take Care.

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