Costa Rica Pre Fabricated Beach Homes, Modular Building in Central America.

Bamboo homes in Southern Costa Rica Using only sustainable teak lumber, and a variety of construction grade bamboo to reduce your construction footprint, and make your home design, remodel or eco-hotel project more environmentally friendly. Michael H Cranford consults with architectural firms regarding sustainable building practices and methods for custom home building and small Eco-developments in Central America. Just North of Panama in Central America. for sustainable eco-friendly blueprints and advice from architects, contact me at - / 508-714-0622 /

If you are building a new custom home, or planning to remodel your beach house, contact me for pre-manufactured, mobile houses and patios, that meet MINAET guidelines for Maritime zone beach construction and custom homes, 100% mobile. security, decorative iron windows, shutters, doors and lockable compartments.

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