Costa Rica rain forest Travel Update Vlog

Hey fish friends, what do you do when you have 12 hours at an airport? Well here is what I did, my first video via YouTube Capture! With all of the encouraging feedback I have been receiving the past few weeks I thought it would be fun to try something new, so I made this short video blog or, ( Vlog ) haha to check in with you all! The past few days I’ve traveled through California, Texas, Costa Rica, and El Salvador. Although It has been a tough travel this trip I am still thankful I have the opportunity to get away from my home town for a bit. I have always loved experiencing different cultures and seeing new wildlife in other countries. This short trip to central america was full of both those things. =)

So even through I had my camera stolen and one night vomiting until the sun came up I am still extremely grateful for the journey and the exciting adventure that is my life! Oh and on the bright side, I did get bumped up to 1st class for free on my way back to LAX! haha It was a very nice surprise to say the least.

I have a few awesome new Viral-Fish videos that I am really excited to share with you guys but I haven’t been able to find a strong enough wifi connection while traveling the past few days. However, I do hear they have plenty of wifi out Californie way. That means you can expect to see some of those videos on my YouTube channel by the weekend! 😄 Until then, stay bubbly!

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