Costa Rica Real Estate For Sale. Get Your Free Costa Rica Condo Comparison Report 2013.

“Our research clearly shows that Costa Rica condo prices on the ‘Gold Coast’ of Northwest Guanacaste have seen its low point in 2011.

Things have really picked up in the first several months of 2013! Land prices are down between 10-30% and although most condo prices are generally stable now, there are some very attractive fire sale properties to be had by the opportunistic real estate investor.

My staff have spent a few weeks updating the information for 35 different condo projects that real estate investors will find in our latest Costa Rica Condo Prices At The Beach Report.

How To Get Your Free 2013 Northwest Guanacaste Condo Price Comparison Report Report?

1. Where can you find the fire sale condos in Guanacaste, Costa Rica?
2. Which Costa Rica condo projects have seen an increase in sales and decrease in inventory?
3. Which projects have the best amenities?
4. Condo prices per square foot range from 1 up to 7 per square foot so where are the best deals?

The buyers we have met with through 1st quarter of 2013 were a mixture of those looking to retire full time, investors investing in second homes and rental properties, and a small percentage of those under retirement age who decide to come to Costa Rica to experience a new way of life.”

If you have a serious interest in buying real estate in the Northwest Guanacaste area – Costa Rica’s “Gold Coast” and want a free copy of Costa Rica Realtor in Guanacaste Becky Clower’s Costa Rica Condo Comparison Report 2013. Northwest Guanacaste then please see: [ ]

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