Four Seasons Costa Rica – A Traditional Casado Recipe With Four Seasons Flair for more information on fine dining options at Four Seasons Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo.

Mario Alcocer, Executive Chef at Four Seasons Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagyo shares his casado recipe, a traditional Costa Rican food that he’s modified to have a little bit of Four Seasons flair. The Casado is a Costa Rican meal that uses black beans, rice, plantains, salad and a tortilla that can also include a protein of chicken, beef or fish. It comes from the Spanish term “married man” as it’s speculated that restaurant customers asked to be treated as “casados” since married men ate such meals at home.

The cadaso is arranged to combine the rich flavours of the island with fine ingredients from around the world. The dish is inspired with Spanish tastes but its origins are based from Costa Rica itself. In order to create the best flavours, Chef Alcocer only uses the freshest ingredients available; this paired with his culinary insight helps to make his particular casado stand out from the crowd.

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