Hotels in La Fortuna, Costa Rica: Hotel Arenal Nayara

Hotels in La Fortuna Costa Rica: Hotel Arenal Nayara David’s Been Here is in La Fortuna, Costa Rica, touring around the area’s absolute best hotel. Opened in 2007, the Hotel Arenal Nayara is a one of a kind experience in La Fortuna, being the only boutique hotel in the entire area. It boasts some of the best service in the country, and has unbelievable surroundings to boot. Tour through the lush, tropical exterior of the hotel with a pool, spa and bar on site, or head inside for an even better attraction. Their 24 rooms all boast flat screen TV’s, state of the art air-conditioning, wifi and indoor/outdoor showers. The best part? The Jacuzzi with a volcano view. Amazing! Check out this unforgettable stay at the Hotel Arenal Nayara, found in the David’s Been Here Guide to La Fortuna.

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