House Hunters International Part 1 – Opening a B&B Business & Working in Costa Rica

Brad Butler, owner / agent of Emerald Forest Properties,, shows Mat and Rachael homes for consideration as a bed and breakfast business in Costa Rica. Mat and Rachael live in Jackson Missouri and want to move to Costa Rica to open up a bed and breakfast business. “Why wait until we’re retired to enjoy Costa Rica”, is their attitude. Mat fell in love with Costa Rica when he was doing undergraduate work and he has always wanted to live here. Brad has raised tropical birds for many years and is associated with many professional conservation groups, and works closely with authorities in Costa Rica to nurse macaws and other tropical birds back to health for later release. Spotted throughout the video is Brad’s observations on why he, and so many others have found Costa Rica to be a wonderful place to live, work, open a business, and retire. Permission for use granted to Brad Butler by House Hunters International

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