Plan a Costa Rica Getaway and a Moms Retreat

Are you ready to plan a Costa Rice getaway or a Costa Rica vacation retreat? This country has so much to offer for not only families but also for couples, solo travelers, or for a girlfriends getaway and even a moms retreat.

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Imagine yourself in the middle of a rainforest. Where time moves slow. As a busy mom, it’s probably exactly what you need.

Your thoughts are drowned out by the sounds of nature.You disconnect from technology for a moment so that you can take a personal time-out.You’re yearning to nurture your soul.How would you like to wake up to a view like this over the course of 5 days?

Is it enough? Or is it just enough to renew your spirit relax your mind and take a retreat from the daily overwhelm of your life?

Costa Rica is a land of discovery and adventure. A peaceful place where a mom like you and I can slow down. You can’t help but pause to breathe to take it all in and be grateful. Pura Vida is the Costa Rican experience. Come for Reflection Transformation Respite and Inner Peace.You’ll learn about tropical and indigenous plants.You’ll discover dozens of species of animals You’ll hike through the lush rainforest while walking along hanging bridges swimming under waterfalls and strolling to volcanoes.Adventure and relaxation.

Enjoy a massage in the elements Slip into a meditative trance as you sink your body into a soothing hot spring or just enjoy nature’s beauty around you.

All you need is a pleasant spirit an appetite for adventure a taste for transformation and an open mind.
Costa Rica is calling your name. Will you answer? Here’s to your rest, relaxation and retreat.

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