Punta Uva Beach in Costa Rica, 1 HOUR Relaxation Video HD, waves & nature by Puerto Viejo & Cahuita

1 HOUR relaxation video taken at Punta Uva beach in the caribbean coast of Costa Rica; Relax listening to the the sound of the ocean and the waves, as you watch the trees gently dance on the caribbean wind;

Medidate on the coming and dancing waves, the foam and the sand, the swimmers and the far away palmtrees fading towards the horizon.

Punta Uva is located close to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, which is a popular tourist destination in Costa Rica. Puerto Viejo is well known among surfers for its salsa brava powerful wave. You can find great beaches in the area like Playa Chiquita, Playa negra and of course, Punta Uva, which is featured in this video.
You can find these beaches between Puerto Viejo and Manzanillo. In fact you can walk along the road or the coast all the way from beach to beach, a very beautiful walk in which you could even find an sloth along the way!

The biodiversity in Costa Rica is really amazing. Close to Puerto Viejo you can visit the national part of Cahuita, great park to snorkel, dive and walk by the coast. You will find great beach and lush forest right side by side!
It can rain often in this area, that makes it all really green and beautiful.

The reef in this area has many species of coral and molluscs, as well as fish and crustaceans. On the land you may find racoons, sloths (my favourites), agoutis, capuchin monkeys and a wide variety of birds as well as snakes.

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