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Hey Everyone, this is an UPDATED version of another video we did about flying into the Juan Santamaria International Airport (San Jose Airport). This video combines the old footage with some NEW changes that needed to be added. Check OUT this video to have an understanding of what you can expect when arriving into Costa Rica via the San Jose Airport. pura vida.

here’s the video –

Hey guys Im Michael Alan for hey, last year about this same time we made a video tape about flying into the San Jose airport (airport is really in Alajuela not San Jose). Well the information is still strong, and youre going to see it couple of minor changes that we need to tell you about So, this is the new video about flying in to the San Jose airport. Ill see you I a couple of minutes with the changers take a look.

Welcome to Juan Santa Maria International Airport better known as the San Jose airport (again, the airport is in Alajuela not in San Jose its just known all over as the San Jose Airport.). ah, were just going to show you uhm what you can expect when you arrive here in to uhmm Costa Rica. Maybe give you a couple of tips on make this a little better transitions on where ever it is youre going okay, so well be right back

Hey guys, when you get off the plain youll go through baggage claim and customs and all that stuff. When you come out youll get inundated with a lot of people, a lot of signs, people yelling taxi, people trying to get your attention.. and that kind of thing. If youre set up on a tour thats good. Theyll uhm. Theyll pick you up here. If you got uhhh if you need a rental car all the rental car places are inside and theyll bring a shuttle around and take you to the rental car places which are about 5 minutes away. If youre coming in and you have nothing youre just coming to Costa Rica, but you have nothing set up I would highly recommend you get a taxi and go where ever it is you need to go outside the airport whether its another bus transfer type of thing, and you can get the taxi service inside you dont have to come out because youll get inundated with people saying Ill take you here for or Ill take you here for , but inside its all official.

So the other thing is. This is the place youll want to watch your luggage. The only people you want touching your luggage possibly are the people that work here you know the guys out here in the front the (official) taxi people. Other then that people that say oh, Ill help you to the bus station that kind of thing NO. Alright, so hope it helps just know when you get outside the airport youre going to be inundated with a lot of people. A lot of people kind of swarming you.. sometimes theyre worst then others . But, You can really feel a little intimidated sometimes coming off the plain here so Hope it helps hope your ready see you in Costa Rica.

Okay guys, you heard me mentions something about a taxi boot. Well, If youve ever flown into San Jose before or youre a regular coming into the airport you know about the orange taxies whom basically had a monopoly on the airport service for a lot of years. Well, it looks like thats not going to apply any more. But if youve never been to Costa Rica before it doesnt even matter all you have to know is that if there is a taxi booth of any kind inside the airport that you can pre-pay for your San Jose destination or close Just know that youre going to pay a little more for the convenience if theres no booth dont worry about it

Now, another thing you go out and get into a taxi Just make sure they TURN THE METER ON thats all, thats basic information. And the other thing is DO NOT exchange your money in the San Jose airport theres much better places DONT DO IT THERE! Uhm I dont want to say ripped off, but you know.

Alright guys, hope it helps Welcome to Costa Rica enjoy your stay Im Michael Alan for PEACE. Hope it helps.

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