San Jose Costa Rica San Jose Costa Rica gets a bad rap and truthfully, we used to give it a bad rap as well. That is until we began exploring San Jose a little more. We don’t think you should necessarily stay in San Jose at the expense of the rest of your Costa Rican vacation, because Costa Rica just is too beautiful and diverse to spend the entire time in San Jose. But if your there a few nights, there’s plenty to do and to see. Museums such as the Gold Museum, Jade Museum and the Childrens Museum to name a few or enjoy some top rate music and plays at the National Theatre. The markets, people watching, shopping, various parks, and day trips are just a few of the things to do to while in San Jose, and the night life could rival any big city’s. It’s also not true that you can’t find good restaurants, because you can. (We love Tin Jo). Anyway, here’s just a little montage of the sights, people and things to do in San Jose. EnJoY!

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