Santa Teresa Costa Rica — Top 10 Reasons To Visit Santa Teresa Costa Rica

The Top Ten Reasons to Vacation in Santa Teresa Costa Rica

1. Santa Teresa Costa Rica boasts one of the most breath-taking beaches in Latin America. Playa Santa Teresa was chosen as the Best Beach in Central America by Trip Advisor members in 2012. Forbes ranked it as one of the World’s Top Ten Most Breathtaking Beaches. The beach in Santa Teresa is spectacular, long, and wide, with white sand and plenty of space to find privacy, shade, or new people to meet.

2. Some of the most consistently good surf, kind conditions year round, and perfect weather of any Pacific Ocean surf spot are right here at Playa Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

3. Although Santa Teresa is first and foremost an awesome surf town, there are lots of other activities to do here as well. Yoga, fishing, snorkeling, ATV tours, kayak adventures, horseback riding, zipline, and just hanging out at the beach with friends are all excellent alternatives to a surf vacation and will make sure you have a great time here.

4. There are outstanding restaurants all along the main road. There is a wide variety of dining options from world-class sushi to Argentine steak houses, local sodas, and gourmet Mexican food.

5. The Ticos are kind and welcoming. In addition, cool people from around the world have moved here to start businesses and live pura vida. The combination of the two, along with constant tourist traffic, make for a unique community and fun, laid back vibe anytime.

6. Outstanding seafood and fishing are readily available in Santa Teresa. I get fresh fish delivered to The Jungle House every other day and it costs about four times less than in American supermarkets. The fishing charters from Malpais are inexpensive, and so far all of my guests that have gone out with them have caught plenty of fish.

7. The lifestyle in Santa Teresa is very healthy. Most people are here for the surfing, and enjoy eating and living healthy, exercising a lot and spending as much time as possible outdoors. You can live like this on vacation too, and even go home feeling rejuvenated and renewed. Read this to learn more about longevity in the Nicoya Peninsula.

8. You can easily leave the hustle & bustle of big cities behind. Although we have fast internet, and many comforts of modern life; you’ll rarely feel a need to stay connected to the rest of the world. It is easy to check out here and tune into nature. De-stressing is simple in Santa Teresa.

9. Santa Teresa is remote, but easily accessible. You have to work a bit, and have some patience to get to Santa Teresa. It is six hours by land, along many bumpy dirt roads to get here. This keeps out a lot of people, but attracts the right crowd that is looking for a cool place off the beaten path, yet with a lot to do and plenty of comforts.

10. A great mix of accommodations are available in Santa Teresa. From hostels, boutique hotels, and amazing beach villas there is a fantastic find for any budget. There are no corporate hotel chains or large condo buildings, and all the businesses in town are independently owned. We of course recommend you stay at The Jungle House vacation rental villa.

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