Uvita, Costa Rica 2015


Heading to visit Costa Rica? We’re sharing our first ever VLOG from our recent trip to Uvita Costa Rica. We had an absolutely amazing time! From ziplining to snorkeling, to waterfalls and animal sanctuaries- it was the trip of a lifetime. A great town with awesome people and tones of wildlife and nature. Be sure to follow our journeys on Instagram www.instagram.com/autumnandbodotheworld- and if you have any questions about our trip, leave them in the comments below & of course- subscribe so you don’t miss our next trip! 😉


Shuttle from the Airport: http://www.monkeyridecr.com/

We loved this shuttle company! Our driver’s name was Ronnie and he was awesome. (Everyone in Costa Rica was!).. Ronnie pulled over on the way to our Air BnB and let us check out all the crocodiles at Darcomes Bridge. (We saw 27 people!) He also stopped and bought us fresh mangos- what a guy!

Where we stayed: https://www.airbnb.ca/rooms/3383836

Our jaws hit the floor when we took in the view of this place. It is an absolutely outstanding home. Photos and videos do NOT do this place justice at all. It is incredible. We are THRILLED we chose to stay here. With screen floor to ceiling walls, it is like sleeping in the rain forest. The SOUNDS of this place at all hours of the day I can’t begin to describe- waking up in the morning to the sounds of thousands of birds chirping and singing and the low howls of the Howler monkeys. Sleeping at night to the sounds of all the insects and wildlife. There was nothing like it! (Our host Ildiko was also incredible. We had no troubles with our rental!)

What we did:

Playa Uvita Beach! (It was really cheap to enter, a couple bucks for the day)

OSA Canopy Tour: http://www.osacanopytour.com/

The Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary In Costa Rica: http://villasalturas.com/alturas-wildlife-sanctuary-in-costa-rica/
The Wildlife Sanctuary was awesome. It receives animals that the government of Costa Rica confiscates from illegal situations (pet trade, or domestication by humans).. Their mission- rescue, rehabilitate and release. Amazing.

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