VLOG: Costa Rica Beach Adventure ☀

I had so much fun filming this vlog and getting to go to one of the prettiest beaches I’ve been to in Costa Rica!

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Thank you so much for watching!

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6 thoughts on “VLOG: Costa Rica Beach Adventure ☀”

  1. Your English is perfect. how did you learn English like that living in Costa Rica? I've met hundreds of people here in the U.S and their accents are very thick and they live in the U.S. Now, you don't even live here and you sound great. how did you do that, to reduce the accent so much?

  2. You said Doo-licious twice :p…that's scandalous :p
    I thought the word was de-licious :))
    oKay now I'm saying this too Doo-licious watermelon 🙂 omg it must be contageous :p haha these cookies are Doo-licious haha omg Franceska you make english sound so funny but wait till you hear mine :p 🙂

    And hey a good camera man…camera woman at your case should always watch their step @ 03:21 or else their career in the movies ends up real fast :p haha Franceska you are the best…promise me after reading this you will say DOO-LICIOUS :PPP ♥♥♥

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