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Volunteer in Costa Rica – Volunteer in Costa Rica Ecotourism – Costa Rica service trip R.A.W. Raising Awareness – Alternative breaks – http://rawtours.org/ We started our work here in Costa Rica at the Museo de Guanacaste, Liberia. Our tasks at the museum included: Translating information on Facebook, Translating brochures regarding the future plans for the museum, and creating a Wikipedia profile in English for the Museum. All of these tasks are contributing to the greater goal of enhancing the appeal of the Museum to tourists and increase popularity of visitors. The final task we were given was to create a commemorative document to state what we accomplished and how we contributed to the museum’s progress. We also visited a nonprofit organization that recycles used tires and transforms them into flower pots among other items of usable art. Make sure to visit his facebook and website! Manos Abiertas Liberia. www.manosabiertaslibera.org
After finishing our work at Museo de Guanacaste, we visited Felipe Perez Colejio Artistico en Liberia, the only liberal arts high school in Costa Rica. Felipe Perez Colegio Artistico specializes in teaching students about music, theater, art, and dance. We visited the high school not only to immerse ourselves in pure Costa Rican culture, but also to learn traditional folklore dance from the talented high schoolers. The students were extraordinarily friendly and engaging, and before we knew it, we were taking part in high-intensity dances–some including plots, where each of us had to read from a script in Spanish. We spent the afternoon laughing and learning; through dance, the Costa Rican students and we communicated. By the end of the 4-hour dance lesson, we were able to perform two traditional folklore dances. The students then performed a play called “Guanacaste Identity,” which they had practiced the week previous to our arrival. Thanks to Felipe Perez Colegio Artistico en Liberia for your hospitality and for the students, who were patient and marvelously talented.
Volunteer in Costa Rica – Volunteer in Costa Rica Ecotourism – R.A.W. Raising Awareness
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